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Necessary gardening supplies

Proper gardening requires more than just soil and water. You also need the right tools to do the job. The amount that you spend on them doesn’t matter as long as they fit into one of these necessary categories: Preparing Your soil needs to be the right consistency and have the best chemical makeup before […]

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Patio Herb Gardening

Fresh herbs are great to have any time of the year. You can grow them indoors, as well as outside on your patio. In fact, it’s easy to move them from one place to another so that no matter how chilly the weather, you’ll have a self-sufficient way to season your meals and infuse olive […]

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Is There a Difference Between Heirloom and Heritage Seeds?

Dear BeSelfSufficient, I was recently looking to purchase organic seeds for my garden, but came across some labeled “heirloom.” Another packet said “heritage.” Is there a difference? What do these labels mean? Thank you, [name redacted] Most people know what the word “organic” means, particularly when it comes to fruits and vegetables. They are grown […]

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Cold Season Vegetables

Just because the weather is cold, it doesn’t mean that you have to put your gardening plans on hold. You can still grow plenty of fresh vegetables, as long as they are the kind that thrive in cooler weather. Here are a few suggestions: Beets Beets prefer temperatures of 50 degrees Fahrenheit and higher, but […]

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