Quick Tips and Strategies for Raising Rabbits

Raising rabbits is easy (even for beginners), but every now and again problems may arise.  Keep these tips in mind when raising your rabbits.

  • Chewing and Digging: Rabbits like to chew and dig. This can be especially problematic if you keep them inside, since most computer cords are at the same level as a rabbit’s mouth. Keep an eye on them if you’re keeping them inside. Outside rabbits can dig under a fence with ease. If you plan on letting them roam in a fenced in area, find a fence you can bury at least six inches underground to prevent escape.
  • Cleaning: It’s important to clean your hutch regularly (once a week or more). Cleaning out rabbit droppings helps keep disease from spreading. Rabbit urine can also have an unpleasant smell, so frequent cleanings will make your backyard much more pleasant. Having a layer of bedding made of straw or wood shavings will make cleaning easier.
  • Overeating: Just like us, rabbits will get fat if they eat too much! Store bought pellets are especially fattening, so make sure you put limits on how much you feed them. Rabbits that are being raised for meat should be allowed to eat as much as they want, but those who are meant for breeding should be limited to the amount recommended by the makers of the pellets.
  • Scouring: Scouring is the rabbit form of diarrhea, and it’s one of the most common ailments that can affect your rabbit. Overfeeding can often cause it, as can frosted greens in the winter. If you notice that your rabbit’s droppings have changed, find out what’s causing the problem and remove it. While your rabbit is scouring, feed her only water and hay. Blackberry leaves are also acceptable if you can find them. This is a slow method, but if it should work. If a few days pass and no change is noticeable, consider getting in touch with your vet as something more serious than some bad food might be happening.

Rabbits are simple creatures and most of their problems are easily solved. Stay diligent with feeding and cleaning and you’ll soon have a source of food that isn’t a source of stress.

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