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Two jars of pickled food

Can You Pickle That?

There is more to a jar of pickles than some dill and a batch of small cucumbers. In fact, you can pickle just about everything that you grew in your summertime garden. Things like beets, green beans, and sliced peaches can all be pickled and canned, making this an easy way to store fruits and […]

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What Can Be Done in the Garden During the Winter?

Once the last autumn harvest is complete and the temperatures start dropping, you may think that your gardening work is done for the year. However, that’s not quite the case. There are plenty of things to accomplish before the snow starts flying, including the items on this handy list: 1) Clean up your garden. Removing […]

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A copy of the map

U.S.D.A. Agriculture Zones for Amateurs

To make purchasing trees, shrubs, flowering plants and vegetables easier on people who want to overhaul their gardens or become self-sufficient, the United States Department of Agriculture (U.S.D.A.) has divided the country up into 13 hardiness zones. These zones are determined by the lowest average temperature, and are color-coded to make it easier to figure […]

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Watering Hose

How to Conserve Water When Gardening

Growing your own vegetables serves several purposes. For one, doing so makes you truly self-sufficient, especially if you are concerned about the validity of organic produce. By planting your own crops, you know exactly which pesticides and fertilizers (if any) have been used. Knowing that your vegetables have been picked at the peak of ripeness […]

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