Chickens and Their Meat Classes

Keeping ChickensBecoming self sufficient doesn’t necessarily mean you can only provide your own fresh vegetables. Meat could be on the menu too. Chickens are the solution. Prior to running out to buy your chicks, do you understand the three meat classes of chickens? Chickens can be grown simply for eggs or for all their valued meat. Meat chickens and their meat classes will be the focal point of this short article. Age of the chicken is the key when determining the class.

Rock or Cornish Hen

This chicken will be from the Rock-Cornish, or Cornish breed. Also possible are cross-bred Cornish birds. Weighing just one and a half pounds, these kinds of chickens are only six-weeks old. These birds might or might not be a hen.

Fryer or Broiler

You’ll find broilers weigh at most five pounds. These types of chickens are young at 12 to 13 weeks old. Their particular skin is soft and smooth. Make sure you find their breastbone flexible. Broilers are good all around chickens to cook in a variety of recipes.


Roasters are eight pound birds. They are generally 4-5 months old. A roaster’s breastbone won’t be as flexible as a broiler’s. The skin of any roaster is smooth and soft. This chicken is often roasted whole.

At this point, you understand the three meat classes giving you several possibilities. This information will allow you to plan the flock around what role your chickens may fill.

Find Out More About Keeping Chickens At Home and Learn How to Raise Chickens.

Keeping Chickens

Do you want to keep chickens for food or meat?

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Pic by William Lachance.

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