Three Secrets About Tomatoes

Tomato, Be Self SufficientPeople all over the world consume and enjoy tomatoes. Just about every American gardener has grown a tomato plant. Tomatoes can be small like cherry tomatoes while much larger ones are like baseballs. This information will attempt to tell you three facts few individuals find out about tomatoes.

What Are Tomatoes?

The initial fact most people are pleasantly surprised to learn about tomatoes are that they’re not vegetables. Botanically, tomatoes are fruit. The tomato is just utilized like a vegetable from a food preparation point of view. Botanically, the offspring of a flowering plant is really a fruit. You may even manage to call it a berry.

Tomatoes Fight For You

The next fact is tomatoes are filled with an antioxidant called Lycopene. Lycopene is an anti-oxidant which fights free-radicals that may cause cancer. In addition, tomatoes are excellent sources of Vitamin C and Vitamin A. Consuming tomatoes may help to protect you from cancer and ensure proper levels of Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

Who Makes More?

The tomato is frequently known as the standard plant grown in gardens in the United States. The US is not the biggest producer of tomatoes. On that list, the United States is second. The Chinese are the largest producers. 140 million tons of tomatoes are produced in the world. Turkey stands out as the third place producer.

Now, you can surprise your buddies over the next salad with your excellent knowledge about the tomato. If these facts don’t wow you, you must admit, a tomato is a horrible thing to waste.

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