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Be Self SufficientPeople inherently want to take care of themselves.  People do not want to be taken care of by other people.  I am no different.  I do not like depending on others for everything.  Sure, I go to the doctor when I need to and use mechanics to diagnose my car problems; but, I always try to rely on myself.  In fact, given a chance, I always bet on myself.  I try to be as self sufficient as I can.

Given the cost of food and not knowing exactly where my food supply comes from, I decided to grow as much of my own food as possible.  Growing your own food ensures you know exactly what has been put on the plants and in the soil (IE: Pesticides).  The good news is you can be self sufficient too.

Seriously, imagine a world where you pick raspberries, blackberries and some strawberries for breakfast while walking from your door to your car from your own flower bed!  Breakfast at its best!

What about coming home and going out to the garden to pick fresh vegetables for your evening salad?  Just taking the steps to grow some or all of your vegetables puts you and your family on the road to self sufficient living.

Your garden can quickly become a huge asset not only feeding you now, but the foods can be canned and eaten throughout the year.  Any extras you can give, barter or sell to friends and neighbors.  When you raise a garden, you are building wealth.

I know what you’re thinking: “I don’t know the first thing about gardening.”  That’s OK.  There are systems available to help you build an amazing garden and become self sufficient.  Read more about the Food4Wealth system for building an amazing garden.

The First Step in Becoming Self Sufficient is Raising a Garden

Step one: Grow What You Eat!
Before running out and buying every seed you can find, you need to know what vegetables and herbs you actually use.  Make a list of all the foods you use.  Then, use that list to find out what vegetables, spices, and herbs you use.  There’s your garden wish list!

After you have more experience, you can try out other things and add them to your menu.  For now, stick to what you know you’ll eat.

Step two: Pick Your Plot!
Now you know what you want to grow.  You need to find a place to grow your plants.  How much space you need depends on what veggies you grow and how much you want from your garden.  Typically, 3 foot by 10 foot plot will suit a beginner garden.  Look for space that gets all day sun.  Don’t forget to make sure you can get water to your garden.  A long hose with a soaker hose does wonders.

Step three: Prepare the Ground
There are so many ways to prepare the ground.  You could use raise beds or just till up the ground.  Using the Food4Wealth system is a great way to really plan out your garden and ensure success.  You can supplement your soil with compost.

Step Four: Plant, Water, Feed
Now is when things get REALLY exciting.  You are ready to plant.  Most vegetables can be bought and transplanted to your garden.  This gives you a head start.  But, we want self sufficiency.  Therefore, start from seed and learn how it works.  You’ll plant your seed as directed by the seed packet.  Then, water and feed as directed by the seed packet.  You’ll see sprouts in a week or two.

Step Five: Enjoy Your Food
Pick your veggies when they are ready.  Remember to think about seed keeping.  Also, learn to can so you can keep any extras.

Rinse and repeat!

These steps are so simple and can lead to a self sufficient lifestyle.  But, there are so many tricks that can help you reduce management of your garden.  The Food4Wealth system can teach you to manage a completely self sustaining garden in just eight (8) hours PER YEAR!


Pic by adactio.

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