Why Compost? Eight Amazing Reasons to Compost

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Composting is a great way to reuse resources from your garden, yard and kitchen to help provide better soil.  Let’s face it: Healthy soil equals healthy plants.  Fertilizer cannot make bad soil good, but compost can.  The truth is households can recycle or compost a great majority of their garbage.  That banana peel or first cut from a tomato is perfect to toss in the garden.  Are you one who likes to bag their lawnmower clippings?  Those clippings are GREAT for the best compost bin.  You have an easy way to generate great soil for next year’s garden right now by making compost at home.  This article will provide you eight amazing reasons to become a backyard composter.

About Composting:

1. Compost contains nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium—all the nutrients your plants need to be their best.  Compost also has a lot of micro-nutrients which also help your plants.  In short, compost is your garden’s multivitamin.

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2. The nutrients in compost degrade and release nutrients at different times—not all at once.  This means compost releases nutrients throughout the season at a rate your plants can use them.

3. As compost rots, soil particles and the organic matter in the compost join.  This union produces crumbs or crumbly soil.  Crumbly soil has extra space to store water and oxygen.  Crumbly soil drains well and provides an ideal place for roots to thrive.

4. The best compost inoculates your soil by adding microorganisms and larger creatures such as earthworms and insects.  Earthworms are especially good for soil.  Healthy soil is abundant in life.  This life is crucial to helping your soil survive and your plants thrive.

5. Compost has the ability to neutralize many toxins and metals by integrating with them.  This ensures your plants do not absorb them.

6. Compost can act as a pH buffer because our friends, earthworms, are changing organic matter as it passes through their digestion tract.  This task makes plants less dependent on specific pH levels.

7. Compost can be used in a variety of ways.  Compost makes the ideal seed starter soil.  Also, you can use it enhance the soil or you can make a tea used to fertilize your plants.  There are so many uses for compost.

8. Composting is seriously easy to do.  You can become a backyard composter in no time! All you need is a bin in which you pile your organic material.  I usually keep a coffee can under the kitchen sink.  When the little can gets full, I dump it in the large bin outside.  After you get one started, you can just turn it with a pitchfork every 3-4 months.  After a year, you will not have to buy any soil—just get some from your bin!

There you have it!  Eight amazing reasons you should be making compost at home.  How can you not have one?  Every gardener needs to take advantage of the great value composting provides.  Remember, compost continues to improve soil for a long time and you do not have to buy fertilizer all the time.  Why let your garbage feed the landfill?  Feed your garden instead.  Help your garden now by composting your waste.  Quit trying to make your garden survive when it can thrive.  Start your composting gold mine. Make compost at home today.

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